Messages Concerning The ‘Crusade Prayers’ and ‘Litanies’ In ‘The Book of Truth’


Messages Concerning The Crusade Prayers:

Jesus: “…I bring you the Gift of My Crusade Prayers so that by reciting them you will help Me to save as many souls as I can…” 1 September 2014

Virgin Mary: “…Be thankful for God’s Mercy. Be thankful for the Crusade Prayers, for they bring with them great Blessings…” – 8 November 2014

Jesus: “…To those, who listen and believe in My Most Holy Word, great Graces can be obtained through the recital of My Crusade Prayers…” – 19 January 2012

Virgin Mary: “…Prayer my children is like a roll of thunder in the heavens. Your prayers are being heard and answered in Heaven children. This is good. Continue to pray the crusades of prayer given to you my child…” – 28 January 2012

Jesus: “…Prayer, and especially the Crusade Prayers given to you, My messenger, will help drive out this evil. All evil can be destroyed through prayer. It is that simple…” – 13 February 2012

Jesus: “…Allow me to show you the way to purify your souls through the Crusade of Prayers I give you. Then leave all to Me…” – 7 March 2012

Jesus: “…Your prayers, children, have been very powerful and especially those of you who recite My Crusade Prayers, My Divine Mercy and the Holy Rosary, daily. Already they have delayed and prevented a nuclear war, saved millions of souls from the fires of Hell as well as prevented many earthquakes. Never forget that it is your prayers which are your greatest weapon against evil…” – 21 March 2012

Virgin Mary: “…My child, My Son is so happy at the way in which His beloved army obey His Holy wishes to recite His Crusade Prayers. These prayers are for modern times to help all of God’s children to seek the protection they need to deal with the difficult times which so many souls are facing…” – 22 April 2012

Father: “…My Gifts to mankind are generous and I will continue to pour out My Gifts in response to those who recite the Crusade Prayers given to you My daughter. These prayers are from Heaven and have not come from the pen of man. They are for these times and are a powerful weapon against persecution. These prayers are heard every time they come from your lips My children. They will bring you great rewards…” – 5 May 2012

Jesus: “…pray for each of your nations. To do this effectively you must set up prayer groups, devoted to “Jesus to Mankind”. Use this Group to recite all the Crusade Prayers given to you. My daughter, Maria, will arrange to have those put up in a way which will allow you to print them off anywhere you are in the world…” – 16 May 2012

Virgin Mary: “…My child, God’s children will be able to protect their faith, their courage and their safety during any war if they continue to pray the Seal of the Living God Crusade Prayer. This is one of the last, and the greatest Seal of Protection, sent from the Heavens of all prayers given to humanity. It is to help sustain all during any future persecution, especially at times of domination and war…” – 17 May 2012

Jesus: “…You will lead a Crusade of My Teachings and My Crusade Prayers will be your weapon to defeat the enemy…” – 18 May 2012

Jesus: “…For those who are not Catholics they must recite the Crusade Prayer (24) I give to the rest of the world for My Plenary Indulgence…” – 24 May 2012

Jesus: “…The spread of My Crusade Prayers will be your first task. You, My army will lead the biggest Crusade of My Holy Mission on earth ever. You will start small but will swell to 20 million. The prayers and suffering of My Remnant Church can be enough to save the whole of humanity. Never forget that your prayers can save the souls of the most grievous sinners so powerful is prayer. So prepare to gather together…” – 30 May 2012

Virgin Mary: “…I urge you children to dedicate the month of June to the conversion of mankind and to ensure that they will seek salvation. Call this month the Crusade of Conversion month and pray as one through prayer groups throughout the world. Here is the Crusade Prayer for the Crusade of Converstion…” – 31 May 2012

Jesus: “…The Seal of the Living God, My Crusade Prayer (33) is your lifeline. When you receive My Seal of Protection, given to you by My Eternal Father, you will not have to accept the Mark. You will not be touched. Your home will not be seen, searched or a target for it will be rendered invisible in the eyes of Satan’s army…” – 1 June 2012

Virgin Mary: “…Allow the graces which are being given to you through the Crusade Prayers to give you the peace of mind and strength of soul to march for the salvation of souls. The more souls who are converted to the love of my Son, the stronger will your Crusade be….” – 2 June 2012

Jesus: “…This month (June) is the time when ,through the Crusade of Conversion, many people can receive the graces of instant conversion through the sacrifices made by those of you who respond to My Mother, the Mother of Salvation…” – 3 June 2012

Virgin Mary: “…Today I ask that you continue with the Conversion Crusade Prayers and the recital of the Most Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet…” – 11 June 2012

Jesus: “…Much of what I present to you now is the food of life, given to you through My Crusade Prayers, to help save your souls and those of others at My Second Coming…” – 28 June 2012

Jesus: “…I am pleased at the way in which you follow My instructions. Please keep going back to My Crusade Prayers and concentrate on the prayers to save the souls of others…” – 17 July 2012

Jesus: “…You, My followers, will be given special Crusade prayer litanies to break down and weaken his power. These must be said daily after The Warning and, ideally, during Adoration of the Holy Eucharist. These litanies, designed to destroy the antichrist and his army, will be a powerful force and if enough souls join in these prayers they will be instrumental in disrupting much of the plans being perpetrated by the antichrist and the False Prophet. The first litany will be given to you shortly…” – 21 July 2012

Jesus: “…Spread My messages, My Crusade Prayers, and pray for your brothers and sisters so that after The Warning they will accept My Mercy…” – 19 August 2012

Jesus: “…I want all of you to begin a new Litany of Prayers for protection against the False Prophet and recite them once a day from now on. The Crusade Prayers may be selected in different lots and recited as you can…” – 19 August 2012

Jesus: “…The prayers of My followers, including the recital of My Crusade Prayers to save souls, will be a powerful means of salvaging even the most hardened of souls…” – 20 August 2012

Virgin Mary: “…Conversion can weaken the impact of the antichrist. Your daily prayers, including the recital of the Crusade Prayers will help bring this about…” – 23 August 2012

Jesus: “…You, My disciples, are the anchor from which all souls who wander aimlessly in confusion, will draw towards. Even if they will not listen to you in the beginning you must persevere. Give them copies of My Messages and My Crusade Prayers and walk away silently. They will be touched in some way by My Holy Spirit. If they do not accept them they will find it difficult to simply walk away and just forget them. No, they will come back for Me. Some will come back reluctantly. Curiosity will get the better of them. Some will come back with a view to try to dismiss these Messages and try to convince you to do the same. Others will come back to argue with you, sneer at you and challenge you. Others will tell you that these Words do not come from Me and this will break your hearts. But then there will be the converts. Those who will come running to you with pure joy in their hearts begging for more. It will be these souls who will make it all worthwhile…” – 27 August 2012

Jesus: “…There are only three ways to protect yourselves from the evil one. The first is, the Sacrament of Confession cleanses your soul, if you are genuine in your remorse. For non-Catholics please accept the Gift of the Plenary Indulgence in Crusade Prayer (24), given to the world through this Mission. The second way is through the daily devotion to My Mother who has been given the power to crush Satan. Her Holy Rosary is an important shield, which will cover you and your family away from his evil eye. The last is through the State of Grace, which you can achieve through regular communication with Me by receiving Me in the Holy Eucharist…” – 25 September 2012

Virgin Mary: “…Many have damaged this Mission and have encouraged souls to turn away. Many such souls have died since, in mortal sin. Were they to have accepted the prayers given to humanity, through the Crusade Prayers, they could have been saved…” – 7 October 2012

Jesus: “…As the faith of Christians is being tested, it is important, therefore, to continue to pray My Crusade Prayers…” – 9 October 2012

Jesus: “…My disciples must now begin to recite My Crusade Prayers including number (43) to save souls during The Warning, so that the renewal of the earth will be achieved according to My Most Holy Will…” – 17 October 2012

Jesus: “…You have been given the armour. Use it. My Crusade Prayers will help mitigate much of the horror, caused by the sins of humanity. Please recite this prayer for the mitigation of chastisments…” – 1 November 2012

Jesus: “…It will not be the number of people who will receive The Book of Truth or My Messages, but the number of people who recite My Crusade Prayers, that will make the difference. The prayers will weaken the power of the antichrist…” – 5 November 2012

Jesus: “…You must understand, however, that much of the chastisements planned by My Father have been mitigated because of your prayers. Keep strong. Continue with My Crusade Prayers and never give up hope…” – 7 November 2012

Jesus: “…I need to build My army in such a way so that they can gather privately, in order to join as one, so that they can present their prayers before Me. You must act quickly and those souls, once they recite My Crusade Prayers, will be drawn to you…” – 8 November 2012

Jesus: “…The Crusade, the Mission of the remnant Church on earth, will be just as challenging as those in the Middle Ages. It will not involve physical warfare, when an army fights a combat in normal war. The war will be a spiritual one, although some wars will be a trigger, for millions of prayer groups setting up to dilute the power of the antichrist. These prayers were written in Heaven and promise extraordinary Graces. They have one purpose only and that is to save the souls of everyone; every child; every creed; each sex; every religious denomination and atheists. This is My greatest desire. You, My disciples, are under My direction. The Graces I pour over you are already bearing fruit. Soon the powers I will give, through the Graces of the Crusade Prayers, will draw thousands of new souls. How, you may think, can a small prayer group achieve such conversions? The answer is simple. It is because you are protected by My Father, and guided by Me directly, that you will succeed. You cannot fail. While you will experience many distractions and rows, as well as inner fighting, which is to be expected in this work, I will be at your side always…” – 11 November 2012

Jesus: “…Many will hurt you when you proclaim the Truth of My Word. But that is okay. Do not challenge them and try to force them against their will. I will take them into My Light of Protection when you recite My Grace of Immunity Crusade Prayer. I Am full of love for you. Those who believe in Me will be greatly comforted by My Second Coming. Those other souls can be saved by your prayers. This is why I prepare you now. It is to save all of you so that you can enjoy the New Heavens and the New Earth…” – 16 December 2012

Jesus: “…My dearly beloved daughter, you must inform all of My followers that their prayers will help to mitigate much of what has been foretold. Prayer is so powerful, that if enough of the prayers I give to the world, through the Crusade Prayers, are said, that much of the difficult tribulation can be curtailed…” – 2 January 2013

Jesus: “…It can only be by the Power of the Holy Spirit that so many thousands of souls have come together with love in their hearts in order to follow My Crusade Prayer Groups. You will know, immediately, when a Mission from God is authentic, by the numbers who are called and who unite as one in My Holy Name. No questions are raised. No monies sought. No arguments. All simply join together, out of their love for Me. Because of the response of so many souls to My Crusade Prayers, in so many nations, I now give them this Blessing…” – 6 January 2013

Jesus: “…You must keep praying in order to mitigate the punishments by My Father. Now, you must set up as many prayer groups for My Crusade of Prayers as possible in every nation. By doing this you will allay the work of the evil group…” – 12 January 2013

Jesus: “…Help your brothers and sisters, especially those who have created laws which interfere with those created by God, the Most High. You must do this through the Crusade Prayers. Be strong. Be brave. Be hopeful and fear nothing, if you love Me…” – 14 January 2013

Jesus: “…You must keep in prayer, children, and continue to recite the Crusade Prayers, for they are very powerful and will help to mitigate the suffering which is being planned by the evil group… Please continue to recite the Crusade Prayer (87) to protect your nation from evil and so that evil acts of persecution can be mitigated…” – 18 January 2013

Virgin Mary: “…My children, you must strive to devote at least fifteen minutes a day in the recital of the Crusade Prayers, as this is very important. You must find the time to say these prayers, as they are already mitigating many tragedies in the world, which are caused by those wicked people who carry out acts of evil. You must never forget the power of prayer, or the fact that, through my intercession, I can help you in your struggle with your Faith…” – 23 January 2013

Virgin Mary: “…Children, to follow the Path of Truth, all you need do is give the time, which is needed, to prayer. It is by the power of prayer that my Son’s Mercy can be spread throughout the world. It will be by your recital of the Crusade Prayers that the Covenant can be fulfilled by my Son to salvage the world…” – 23 January 2013

Jesus: “…These (Crusade) prayers are like no other, as they have been given to humanity as a Gift, with special Graces attached to them. Unbeknownst to you, the souls you help to save are thirty fold more, when you say these prayers. They enable you to comfort the Heart of my Son by increasing and strengthening in numbers the souls, which He needs in order to fulfil His Plan of Salvation…” – 31 January 2013

Jesus: “…Many centres have been set up in various nations where they plan the take-over of many countries. Their activities have, however, been curtailed because of the prayers of chosen souls and those of you who recite My Crusade Prayers. Your prayers will always be heard in Heaven, so you must continue to pray fervently to mitigate the evil actions of the beast who will never win this battle for souls as his days are short… My desire is not to frighten you but to prepare you. I now bequeath special powers and graces to all of you who adhere to My wishes to recite the Crusade Prayers. The signs will be given to all of you and miracles will take place…” – 5 March 2013

Jesus: “…My dearly beloved daughter, it is important that My disciples on earth understand how prayer will, and can, save humanity. The power of prayer and, especially, the recital of the Holy Rosary, which renders the beast impotent, cannot be underestimated. To save more souls you must also recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Choose the Crusade Prayers I give you and say them, so that you can focus on different requests during each prayer group. If, for example, you are praying the Crusade Prayer for the Grace of Immunity do this in a way, so that the prayer group, that day, can concentrate on a selection of Crusade Prayers, which calls on God’s protection for souls. Then on another day, focus on a selection of prayers, which are given to you for the protection of priests and clergy. These Crusade Prayer groups, when formed all over the world, will become the armour necessary to defeat the enemy in more ways than you can believe possible. I will continue to give you the Gifts of new prayers, which bring with them special miracles. Without such intervention I could not save the souls I so desire. Go and plan your Crusade Prayer meetings based on the format given to you, but break them into parts, so that you can focus on special intentions. There is no need to recite all prayers together, although I urge that you do recite as many as possible during any one week. You bring Me such joy and comfort, My precious followers. I grant you My blessings of strength and courage as you continue your quest to save souls. I love you…” – 7 March 2013

Virgin Mary: “…The Crusade Prayer Groups will save billions of souls and, therefore, you must spread and multiply. God’s Graces are being poured out over all of His Children who participate in these prayer groups. They will be the armour, which will shield mankind from the persecution planned by the antichrist…” – 10 March 2013

Jesus: “…You (priests) must now go on retreat and read My Crusade Prayers. If you do this, then I will give you My blessing and the power of discernment. But only those with humble hearts can come to Me…” – 9 April 2013

Jesus: “…You must be generous of your time in the salvation of souls. Please continue to recite My Crusade Prayers, for I promise conversion to millions of lost souls when they are said…” – 6 May 2013

Jesus: “…The miracles I promised the world, through My Crusade Prayers, will increase and many will witness healings and conversions. It will be through these miracles that I will make Myself known, even to the most hardened of sceptics. It will be through the Crusade Prayers that servants of My Christian churches will be shown My Mercy and soon many of them will be given the proof of the authenticity of these Messages…” – 11 May 2013

Jesus: “…My children, there is much work to be done. Allow Me to guide you through My Crusade Prayers, as they will open your eyes to the Truth. Once you can see the Truth, you will know in your hearts what to do. One word of advice – when you are rebuffed for speaking the Truth, you must remain silent. Pray for those souls, that they will also be given the grace to accept the Book of Truth…” – 13 May 2013

Jesus: “…By then My Holy Spirit, poured out amongst My followers, in all of My Christian Churches, will ensure that they are ready. They, along with My disciples from this Mission will form the Remnant Church. Their power will be great and no harm will come to those with the Seal of the Living God. Their power will come from the Prayers given to them by My Mother and in the Crusade Prayers…” – 21 May 2013

Jesus: “…Their obedience to Me and their response to My Crusade Prayers will save billions of souls…” – 15 June 2013

Jesus: “…You have nothing to fear from Me, but I ask that you spend time in prayer for the souls of those who are confused and in some cases, lost. Those who are separated from Me must come back to Me and it will be through your recital of My Crusade Prayers that I can save them…” – 11 July 2013

Virgin Mary: “…Pray, pray, pray, children, every day, for the strength to confront this wickedness with courage… When you ask for these graces, through the Crusade Prayers, you can and will help to mitigate this wickedness…” – 17 August 2013

Virgin Mary: “…I urge you to keep all holy objects, rosary beads, blessed candles, holy water, a copy of the Bible and the holy daily Missal along with the Crusade of Prayer book. You must keep the Seal of the Living God in your home and on you if possible. My Medal of Salvation will convert those who wear it and they will be shown Mercy by my Son. I now request you, child, to have the Medal of Salvation produced now and a Scapular of the Seal of the Living God made…” – 23 August 2013

Father: “…Be patient. Trust in Me. Follow My Son and accept the Gifts, which He and His beloved Mother, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, bring you, in the form of the Crusade Prayers and the Medal of Salvation. Finally accept My Seal as one of the greatest Gifts I have given humanity since I gave them Life. I give Life again with My Special Graces when you hold close to you, the Seal of the Living God. All those with the Seal are granted a place in the New Paradise…” – 23 August 2013

Jesus: “…My dearly beloved daughter, those of you who pray My Crusade Prayers diligently, know that I bring relief to the world from the snares of the devil. The old serpent falls and stumbles losing much power when you strive to say My Crusade Prayers, daily. And while the times of great trials continue, your prayers will create many setbacks in the plans created by Masonic powers in the world, which are designed to create havoc in order to control the weak and vulnerable. Just one Crusade Prayer, said from the heart, is enough for Me to destroy the power of arrogant political leaders, who do not have a conscience…” – 29 August 2013

Virgin Mary: “…Pray, pray, pray that atheists will accept the Hand of Mercy, which my Son will extend to every single one of them. Remember to recite the Crusade Prayers to save these poor little souls…” – 6 September 2013

Jesus: “…These (Crusade) Prayers are given by the Power of God and great miracles are associated with them. These Prayers will spread conversion, provide physical healing and dilute the impact of war, hunger and poverty…” – 8 September 2013

Jesus: “…All you need to do is trust Me and I will protect those who call on Me for the salvation of their own and other souls. Go and prepare for the Day of the Judgement. I bless you all and I grant you the strength to continue with your devotion to My Crusade Prayers…” – 18 September 2013

Jesus: “…I will, by the Power and the Glory of My beloved Father, give you, My cherished disciples, great strength and courage during these trials. You are being given these Gifts through the Crusade Prayers, because without them you would find it impossible to withstand the religious persecution, which lies ahead…” – 21 September 2013

Jesus: “…I will, through My Crusade Prayer Groups, make known to those who scoff and mock them, the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Many miracles will be bestowed upon My Prayer Groups and those who recite the Prayers as a gift to help My beloved disciples cope with religious persecution…” – 28 September 2013

Virgin Mary: “…All of you must recite the Crusade Prayers as the darkness has already begun to descend over my Son’s Church on Earth and you must be prepared for this every second…” – 14 October 2013

Jesus: “…I promise you, that through the recital of My Crusade Prayers and other prayers, in which you ask Me to show Clemency, I will listen and act accordingly…” 4 January 2014

Jesus: “…The Crusade Prayers, which I have given the world, are so powerful, that through God’s Love the souls of all those for whom you pray will be shown great Love, Compassion and Mercy by Me. All you have to do is to give them the Prayers and then ask Me to draw these souls to Myself. For I never reject the sinner who is in most need of My Mercy…” – 23 March 2014

Virgin Mary: “…This Mission, the final one sanctioned by my Father in His Plan, to bring final salvation to His children, will draw millions of souls to serve Him. They will come from every corner of the Earth. Many will not be conscious of their calling, until they pray the Crusade Prayers. It will be through the recital of the Crusade Prayers that the Holy Spirit will enrapture these souls and then they will be ready to carry my Son’s Cross…” – 25 March 2014

Jesus: “…With this Gift of Love, I pour out, all over you, a special Blessing; a Blessing which is unique and powerful, which you will feel when you recite this Prayer and especially in a Crusade Prayer Group, which is especially important in this, My Mission of Salvation…” – 3 April 2014

Virgin Mary: “…God’s Army – the Remnant – will grow and spread and the Crusade Prayers will provide great strength to all…” – 27 April 2014

Virgin Mary: “…The Book of Truth will, along with the Crusade Prayers, keep you focused on my Son…” – 2 may 2014

Jesus: “…My dearly beloved daughter, it is My greatest joy to witness My beloved followers, who have responded to My Call to recite the Crusade Prayers, which through the Power of the Holy Spirit will salvage billions of souls. I will use the Crusade Prayers to renew and cleanse the souls of humanity, at the same time, as I renew the face of the Earth. The great renewal will be completed, all at the same time, so that the world will be ready and made worthy to receive Me, Jesus Christ, as the returning Saviour…” – 13 May 2014

Virgin Mary: “…You are each blessed with great courage when you recite this Crusade Prayer…” – 22 May 2014

Jesus: “…My Final Mission, to bring man the fruits of his salvation, has yielded many Gifts. I desire now that each of you recites from this day, and every day from now on, Crusade Prayer number (33) and that you keep a copy of the Seal of the Living God close to you. Many people who may not be aware of this Mission may also receive the Protection of the Seal when you pray for them, as you recite this prayer… I will save all those for whom you beg My Mercy, through the recital of My Crusade Prayers. The only sin, which cannot be forgiven, is the eternal sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit…” – 9 November 2014

Virgin Mary: “…To all those who ask for healing of the soul, as well as of the body, and who recite the Crusade Prayer (94), my Son will respond to those souls, through whom He chooses, to fulfil His Holy Will…” – 19 November 2014

Virgin Mary: “…My dear children it is important that all of you recite the Crusade Prayers and My Most Holy Rosary as part of your daily prayers. You may choose whichever prayers that you select, not necessarily every prayer, but those which are according to your desire. My Most Holy Rosary must be recited daily against the influence of the evil one…” – 10 February 2015

Jesus: “…My Mission to save humanity is almost complete. My Remnant has been formed. You have been given the Gifts of the Seal of the Living God, the Medal of Salvation and the Crusade Prayers. They will be your armour against My adversary. I will speak with you only periodically and through the Remnant from now on. You are ready to take up your armour to fight to keep My Word alive in a place of desolation…” – 13 February 2015

Jesus: “…I love you all. I will never desert you. I draw you to Me and urge you to recite My Crusade Prayers to receive the Blessings, which are necessary for this journey ahead of you. The Holy Spirit rests upon you and you will be filled with every Gift possible to sustain your devotion to Me…” – 4 March 2015

Messages Concerning The Litanies:

Jesus: “…You, My followers, will be given special Crusade prayer litanies to break down and weaken his power. These must be said daily after The Warning and, ideally, during Adoration of the Holy Eucharist. These litanies, designed to destroy the antichrist and his army, will be a powerful force and if enough souls join in these prayers they will be instrumental in disrupting much of the plans being perpetrated by the antichrist and the False Prophet. The first litany will be given to you shortly…” – 21 July 2012

Jesus: “…I want all of you to begin a new Litany of Prayers for protection against the False Prophet and recite them once a day from now on. The Crusade Prayers may be selected in different lots and recited as you can…” – 19 August 2012

Jesus: “…My dearly beloved daughter I want you to ask My disciples to begin the recital, daily, of My Jesus to Mankind Litanies as and from now. These prayers will bring great Graces and will save all those for whom you place within your special intentions for the salvation of their souls…” – 24 August 2012

Jesus: “…This second one (litany), is in honour of My Eternal Father, who loves every one of His cherished children. I lay My Head on His Shoulder, My Arms wrapped around Him every day, to give Him comfort as He frets for all those poor souls who are lost to Him. Come to Him, My beloved disciples, and give My Father thanks for the Gift of His Grace of Immunity from the Fires of Hell to those who respond to His Call…” – 24 August 2012

Jesus: “…You My disciples, through your prayers, especially the recital of the Litany of the Grace of Immunity, can bring more souls to Me. Then I will snatch the good into My Bosom as foretold and in the blink of an eye they will be taken to safety…” – 5 September 2012

Jesus: “…Wake up, My sacred servants. You must not allow yourselves to be bullied or sucked into this cunning plan, designed to desecrate the Word of God… Please recite this Litany (3) Defend the Word of God…” – 11 October 2012

Jesus: “…Go make it your mission, My disciples, to spread My Litanies, especially the Grace of Immunity prayer. Go, also, and tell people about the Seal of the Living God and the Plenary Indulgence for the forgiveness of sin. You have been prepared now take up your arms in the Name of God and help Me, your Jesus, to save humanity…” – 11 September 2012

Jesus: “…My disciples must create a circle of prayer in order to save the souls of those who will not come to Me even on the last day. Please pray the Litany Prayer for the Grace of Immunity for those who do not have the strength to help themselves…” – 25 November 2012

Jesus: “…I now bequeath to all you brave and loyal souls these special graces. When you recite this new Litany during times of great trials I will grant you respite… You will walk in a steadfast and dignified manner, as you continue to uphold the Word of God. For everyone who responds to this Call and recites this special Litany, you will feel a joy in your hearts, which was not there before. You will also feel confident in the knowledge that you have been blessed by the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Truth will always reign in your hearts…” – 8 January 2014

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